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National and International Network of Independent Experts


Perigest performs its activity with its own network of experts throughout the national and international territory, 24h on 24h. Internationally, besides own experts, has protocols with similar companies, allowing greater speed in the treatment and settlement of the claim. Since 2010 Perigest is a member of the Association of Surveying TMN-Surveys of Enterprises, a reference of rigor and professionalism! We expertise in All Countries with emphasis in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. The world is an extension of our office! For themselves ... we do ascertained, we manage, solved!

We evaluate - We Foresee - We Discover - We Inspect - We Manage - We Regularize - We Solve

Perigest - Peritagens e Gestão de Sinistros Lda. was founded in 2006, this company is an evolution generated by the work accomplished since 1990 by independent experts, in several companies of the market that culminated in the creation of Perigest.

The creation of Perigest has become necessary to allow the required continuity in the quality and responsiveness of services to meet demand by developed market where such services falls.

Objective Market

The specialization in several areas, initially put to the service of the Insurance Industry ended up expanding to companies in general, that fact originated a significant increase of the demand for our services and consequently of the structure of Perigest.

At this time our services are expanded for beyond the Insurance Industry, Brokers and Mediators, as well as all companies in general, standing out in these transportation companies of all types.

We have been including in our list of customers specialized companies in patrimonial evaluations as well as similar companies with whom we make cooperation protocols.


Expert analyses

We do expert analyses in all of the branches of the insurance industry.


Specialized in this area, we are enabled to regularize the whole type of casualties in all of the means of transportation, national and international.


We possessed protocols with independent Experts, namely recognized Technicians, Mechanics, Veterinarians, wine experts, etc, that allows us to regularize efficiently the damages in all of the types of goods.


The experience of the Experts of Perigest conjugated with specialized companies in the construction branches and repairing, as well as other inherent ones, allows us an effective regularization in this specific area.


Load - Qualified technicians assure the perfect conditions in that the goods are wrapped and conditioned for transport.

Discharge - Qualified technicians assure the conditions in that the goods are received and in case of any anomaly they are insured the causes, responsibilities as well as the consequent damages.

Juridical support

This is an area in development and that possesses reduced offer in the market in that we are inserted, we created an specialized Juridical department in way to render juridical support the all of the processes in that we intervene as in way it specifies Insurance companies and companies in general, standing out in these, the transportation companies.

Analyze risk

The experience and the technician’s suitability that compose Perigest allow us to do risk analyses with rigidity and effectiveness.

Administration of sinister

We gathered the necessary documents and make the necessary diligences for a correct and in time administration of the whole type of sinister.


We proceeded with rigidity to evaluations of movable and immobile goods.

Conflict resolution

In the extent of the Juridical support we contact and elucidate the intervening entities of their responsibilities in the intention of obtaining consensus and consequent resolution of conflicts.


We make recoveries near the responsible entities for caused damages in way consensual and/or litigious.


We conjugated the described with the legislation in way to discover responsibilities, in a certain occurrence.

Pathologic surveys

Analysis and recording deficiencies in construction and real estate in order to allow complete the causes and responsibilities under these anomalies. A pathological problem may be understood as a situation in which a building at a given instant of its useful life, does not show the expected performance. The problem is identified based on their action or pathological symptoms, which are reflected by structural or functional changes and the building, representing warning signs of arising defects.



Perigest - Porto

Rua das Colectividades, nº 54, office 5.1 to 5.4
4430-625 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

CEO: Botelho Vaz

Phone: (+351) 919 857 370

E-mail: botelho.vaz@perigest.pt

Director: Paulo Albuquerque

Mobile: (+351) 913 442 949

Phone: (+351) 224 834 092

Fax: (+351) 224 834 093

E-mail: geral@perigest.pt

Perigest - Sul

Estrada Consiglieri Pedroso, nº 71
Edifício E - Sala R2
2730-055 Queluz de Baixo, Portugal

Director: Botelho Vaz

Mobile: (+351) 919 857 370

Phone: (+351) 219 582 536

E-mail: lisboa@perigest.pt

Perigest - Madrid

Estambul, 22 - 1st floor
28922 Alcorcón
Madrid, Spain

Director: Javier de Balle

Phone: (+34) 664 345 295

E-mail: madrid@perigest.pt

Perigest - Barcelona

Trade Center Sant Cugat
Av. Corts Catalanes, 9-11
Office 14C
08173 Sant Cugal del Vallés
Barcelona, Spain

Director: Javier de Balle

Phone: (+34) 664 345 295

E-mail: barcelona@perigest.pt